Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bogey Hole

The Honourable Jodi McKay MP

Minister for Tourism
Minister for the Hunter
PO Box 1816, NEWCASTLE NSW 2300

Dear Jodi,

You asked me to have a look at the LPMA proposal and comment re the Bogey Hole. I am sorry that I have only been able to get back to you at this time.

It is all a bit over the top as I said and unnecessary but thanks for arranging for me to see the proposal.

What is really needed is the repair of the stairway and renewal of the hand rails. This old photo shows the stairs when they were new and they just need renewal now. Note the handrail at the old dressing shed or cubicle level. That hand rail needs to be reinstated with access to the rock platform.

Regular maintenance is needed in such proximity to the ocean. The platform proposed is likely to be more dangerous that no platform.

The ocean side safety chain of course should have been replaced when the Council broke it.

You may have noted that all of Newcastle’s safety fences need renewal: Shepherds Hill the Obelisk etc. Thank goodness the fence above the bogey Hole has been repaired now.

Doug Lithgow
President, Parks and Playgrounds Movement Inc.

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