Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Newcastle Heritage Corridors

The schematic diagram above links the Newcastle Heritage Precincts with identifiable Heritage Corridors, and I have used some of Charles Martin’s line drawings from the Heritage Guide Map Charles prepared for the National Trust.

Newcastle Heritage Corridors:

- Harbour Foreshore Heritage Corridor – Lee Wharf, AA Coy. Wharf Queens Wharf,
- Transport Heritage Corridor -Rail and Road transport Spine: Newcastle Railway Station Signal Box.
- Coal River Heritage Corridor - Convict Lumberyard, Nobbys, Macquarie Pier, Convict Mines, Fort Scratchley, Coal River Precinct,
- Pacific Park Heritage Corridor – Newcastle Beach, Ocean baths, Royal Newcastle Hospital.
- Government House Heritage Corridor – Convict wharf, Customs House, Council chambers Coal Shafts.
- Courthouse Heritage Corridor – Newcastle Post Office, Newcastle Herald Building Cohen Warehouse, Grand Hotel, Newcastle Courthouse, Fletcher Hospital, King Edward Park
- Cathedral Heritage corridor – Queens Wharf, Market Square, Cathedral Cemetery, Christ Church Cathedral, Obelisk Hill.
- Civic Heritage Corridor – Maritime Centre, Museum, Civic Station, Civic Theatre, City Hall, Civic Park, Capt. Cook Fountain, Cultural Centre.