Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Laman Street - February 2012

Please find below the Parks and Playgrounds Movement Letter to the General Manager of the City of Newcastle and Submission on the Laman Street Re-Design.

We are appalled at the systemic dishonesty in the Newcastle Council. It is affecting all the public domain matters that Council touches e.g. the coastal alienation of parkland.

There has been an inability of the elected Councillors to understand the statutory importance of Plans of Management for Community Land and their inability to implement the Urban Forest Policy and the Asset Management Policy in the public interest.

This was highlighted in stark relief by the distortion in the Risk assessment at Laman Street and Council’s intransigence in refusing to professionally review what was obviously wrong.

The misuse of the Roads Act that flowed from that intransigence even to the extent of misleading the Land and Environment Court by nor revealing the proposed developments that were driving their immediate reason for removing the trees.

The final straw was Council requesting police support to back up their poor governance.

Let us hope that the Newcastle Councillors after the next election are more public spirited.


General Manager
Newcastle City Council
PO Box 489  NEWCASTLE 2300                                             

Friday, 25 May 2012

Dear Mr Pearce,

Please find the attached pdf submission to the redevelopment of Laman Street from the Parks and Playgrounds Movement.

A pdf copy of the Movement’s earlier request for Council to resolve its framework proposals and place them on exhibition is attached.

Council acted wrongly in not clearly resolving its proposal in August /September 2010 and in withholding its proposal sent to the Anzac Centenary Commission in Canberra from the Land and Environment Court in the action Parks and playgrounds Movement Vs Newcastle City Council matter.

Please note.

Yours sincerely,

Doug Lithgow
Parks and Playgrounds Movement