Sunday, April 6, 2008

Free Nobbys

The Parks and Playgrounds Movement voice their opposition to the overdevelopment of the Nobbys Headland and Lighthouse and call for Minister Garrett to reject the proposal.

National Trust had a very successful Coal River walk (30 people) today starting at the Lockup Museum (Old Police Station in Hunter Street) We walked the route shown on the Coal River Walk Brochure. We did not get into the Fort or onto Nobbys which were closed.

A gathering at the gate to the Nobbys Signal Station and the Lighthouse was planned and held earlier by Parks and Playgrounds Movement at 12 Noon ( As freeman of the City I read the Movement’s official position statement on the Handbill and also the Memorial sent Her Excellency the Governor to the crowd and cut a ribbon to declare the headland open to the people of Newcastle and Australia. According to the Herald today 300 people stormed the gates to the headland at 2.00pm.

It is time the Port Corporation allowed the public access to Nobbys and demolished the modern garage so that 150 year old Heritage Lighthouse is allowed to stand free and be seen and interpreted as an operating lighthouse as it has been up until recent times.

Blue Tee Shirts with a Free Nobbys slogan under a stylised elevation drawing of the Lighthouse in white (Original drawn A. Dawson 1857) were sold great design and very popular.

Cheers to all

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