Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Nobbys Lighthouse - Controlled Action

The Hon Peter Garrett
Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts
Box 6022 House of Representatives
Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600

Dear Minister,

Nobbys Lighthouse - Controlled Action EPBC Act, Commonwealth Heritage Place

It is essential that the proposed development affecting the 150 year old Nobbys Lighthouse is rejected and the Conservation and Tourism plan for the whole Coal River Precinct SHR 1674 be publicly exhibited and adopted.

Attached is a copy of the Parks and Playgrounds Movement submission to the proponents of the Controlled Action. Nobbys Lighthouse, 20th July 2007. Also attached is a copy of the National Nomination, Coal River Heritage Park, prepared by the University’s Coal River Working Party under the chairmanship of Dr. Erik Eklund.

The national and world heritage value of Newcastle’s Coal River Heritage Park which includes the whole public foreshore through to the ocean with its heritage transition from Aboriginal and Convict to Colonial and modern times, should be acknowledged in any future development.

The Nobbys Lighthouse is a Commonwealth Heritage Place of special significance and the key heritage item on Nobbys Headland within the Coal River Precinct SHR 1674.

The proposed development that would impact on and impair the efficiency of Nobbys Lighthouse must be rejected.

We ask you to help the Parks and Playgrounds Movement and the people of Newcastle, protect, preserve and promote, their Nobbys Lighthouse as part of the Coal River Precinct SHR 1674.

Yours Sincerely,

Doug Lithgow
A Freeman of the City of Newcastle
President Parks and Playgrounds Movement Inc.

A copy was sent with 2 electronic attachments to 26/12/07 Enclosed with this letter: Copy of P&PM Submission to Controlled Dev. Copy of submission Controlled Development from combined conservation groups in NSW National Nomination Coal River Heritage Park, Newcastle University Coal River Working Party.

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